Democracy functions best when citizens take an active role in keeping it vital.  I am proud to live in Vadnais Heights because it matches what I want in a city.  I want to represent you on the City Council because I want to retain the benefits that make people want to live here.  I also want to advocate for change in areas that are affecting us now and into the future.  
Human Rights Commission

“Equality” is a word that conjures up strong emotions in people.  It is a value we aspire to but it is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain.  Creating a Human Rights Commission in Vadnais Heights will provide a transparent forum to confront a problem that is pervasive and often unseen in society. 

  • A Human Rights Commission will be a focal point for citizens who want a meaningful dialogue about race and structural racism.

  • A Human Rights Commission will shine a light in the dark places where inequality is not questioned.

  • A Human Rights Commission will ensure that equal opportunity in employment, housing, public services and education.

A task force isn’t enough.  A conversation isn’t enough.  A public poll isn’t enough.  The time is now for Vadnais Heights to stand on the side of justice.   


If elected, as your city council member, it is my goal to retain the best aspects of Vadnais Heights - community, parks and trails, affordability.  I will come in with an open mind willing to listen to all sides and make thoughtful decisions.  


What makes Vadnais Heights a special place to live, is its natural beauty.  Being recognized as a GreenStep city is a way to promote sustainability and quality-of-life goals - at no cost to the city.